Sometimes you need a long piece of fabric to create a big fancy dress or to make a surreal photo like the one above. Sadly, most fabric resources (including our own fabric package) are just not that long. The solution is to blend pieces of fabric together until you get the length of fabric that you need.

This tutorial by Joseph Parry shows exactly that. How to blend pieces of fabric together to make them longer and it is the exact same technique that Joseph used to create the photo above using some pre-made fabric textures.

But there is a bonus, see if you can not burst in laughter as you hear this lighthearted tutorial:

00:12 – Fabric Selection – (Pick them up here)
Sometimes you don’t want to use screen mode and want to keep the integrity of the fabrics opacity in tact, here’s how!

01:00 – Putting the fabric together
What the fabric looks like when initally placed together.

01:30 – Quick Selection
You don’t have to use “Screen mode” to lose the background, check this tool out!

01:50 – Refining the edge
Once selected here is how you can refine the edge even further!

03:30 – Sorting the hard edges
We need those edges to blend together better, by using a soft brush and layer mask we can start shaping the fabric into what we wish to see easier!

04:40 – Raising shadows with curves
Sometimes the fabric or material you’re working with may be too dark in a certain area to blend properly with the pieces next to it, here’s how we can use curves to raise the shadows.

07:00 – Healing Brush
Allowing the natural folds of the material to cross over into the blended areas can help it look more natural.

08:30 – Colouring the fabric
Dye your wares here!

08:57 – Further refinement of shadows
A touch of more precise dodging to raise the shadows and blend the fabric further.

09:38 – Blending shadows via “blend if”
Using the genius slider method to change where the shadows are changed from in terms of highlights to shadows.

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