Just got this quick tip from photographer Andy Manis. It may seem trivial, but I love it nonetheless.

If any of you use the Paul C. Buff Vagabond Mini battery pack (definitely worth the money), here is an easy way to attach the pack to a light stand by using the strap that comes with the pack and some simple modifications.

The pack comes with a spring loaded piece that did not work for me. So my answer was use the strap, some pipe insulation or polyethylene (flat) foam and Velcro (which I always have around).

The only “work” I had to do was sew the Velcro (hook side) to the strap, affix a 3″ strip of sticky-back Velcro (loop side) to the outside bottom of the pack and trim an edge off the pipe insulation with a razor blade knife.

I also trimmed about 3 inches off the strap after I checked what length I needed. The advantage to the pipe insulation is you can wrap the foam to the stand as you attach the pack. The advantage to the flat foam is you can glue it to the pack and not fumble with it. There is a slight shelf by the tightening screw on the light stand that you can “rest” the pack onto. But once its on it is secure.

This is it, short and sweet.


PS – If you are in Johannesburg, you can also get similar type packs here: http://www.singerphoto.co.za/Category.aspx?BN=Other+Brands&CT=Tronix+Portable+Battery+Packs

Not sure if they will be as small or compact though, but just as powerful, if not more! But you get the idea.