When photographer and retoucher Erik Johansson decides to create an image, he certainly makes an effort to push the boat out, quite literally in this case.

In a project that took several months to complete, Erik used 17 square meters of mirror to help produce this extraordinary scene, and while there’s certainly a lot of post and retouching going on here, it was a lot of work in the camera, too!

As well as breaking up the mirrors, numbering all the pieces so they lined up, photographing them in the studio, they all had to be brought out and arranged on location, along with the model, a boat, and even a dead fish.

This 6 minute video takes you through the entire journey from designing the original concept to producing the final image.

It’s an awful lot of work, but I’m sure we all agree that it was well worth the effort.

A higher resolution version can be viewed on Behance, and you can find more of Erik’s work and behind the scenes videos on his website.

[via ISO1200]


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