It’s not easy to find creativity in normal things. It is an art that changes your perspective toward looking things in certain way. Usually the simplistic approach to any problem is the correct one. There is some much to inspire from simple things.

There is an impression “Creativity in simplicity” which states the power of simple things. José María Rodriguez Madoz, also known as Chema Madoz, is an amazing artist who had received many important awards and has this unique ability to look at simple thing somewhat differently and capture simple photographs with creative perspective that mock the mind and offer uniqueness.

Madoz’s work is prefect mix of optical illusion and hint of quirkiness. He was born in Spain and studied Art History at the University of Madrid. His photographs are carefully staged to create a metaphor and a double meaning. The world seen through Madoz’s eyes seem like a magical place. After looking at his work, it looks like that the key to success is your creativity.

Excellent Examples Of “Creativity In Simplicity”

These are some of the best examples of creativity in simplicity that shows you the power of simple things.

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