Nine times out of ten, I would rather shoot with natural light. But no matter how prepared I am or how keen I am on picking out the perfect moment, the reality is natural light sometimes needs a little assistance to capture the vision I have in my mind. It’s at times like these when I do my best to combine the best of both worlds: natural light and flash.

To show off how best to bring together these two beasts photographer Adam Angelides has created a helpful tutorial.

Throughout the five minute video, Angelides walks through his reasoning and thought process for blending natural light with the unnatural.

He then dives further into the process itself explaining how gels and other tools can be used to better bring the two light sources together into a seamless composition.

The key, Angelides points out, is that it needs to look natural. ‘People shouldn’t be able to notice the flash light,’ he says in the post on ISO 1200. ‘They should pay attention to the image, not the technique behind it.’

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