Anton is a seasoned photographer and graphic designer with a passion for capturing the perfect shot and creating visually stunning designs. With a background in design and experience freelancing for top ad agencies in Johannesburg, Anton's journey led him to discover his true calling in photography.

Throughout his career, Anton has mastered various genres of photography, constantly challenging himself to conquer new techniques and perfect his craft. One of his personal favourites is the art of long exposures, which earned him recognition with an exhibition at Out of Uniform - Artists working for the London Underground, later archived at the London Tate Gallery - a proud milestone for Anton.

His expertise as a photographer has opened doors to exciting opportunities, including photographing renowned personalities such as DJ Fresh, John Smit (Rugby captain), the Mandela Family, Jennifer Su (TV News Anchor, Radio Presenter), and featured appearances in Canon's magazine.

In addition to his photography prowess, Anton offers a range of complementary services to cater to diverse creative needs:

  • High-end photo retouching, post-production, and deep-etching
  • Conceptualisation and execution of comprehensive graphic design projects, including branding, corporate identity, brochures, point of sale, packaging, and DTP/repro
  • Video production and post-production
  • 2D animation

With Anton's unique blend of artistic vision, technical expertise, and commitment to delivering exceptional results, he is dedicated to bringing your creative projects to life.

Explore Anton's portfolio and let his talents elevate your visual storytelling. Contact him today to discuss how he can contribute to your next project. Be it local or international.

Upmarket indoor pool

Indoor pool

Close up of table and chairs

Airbnb 'details' photo

Close up of bedroom chair and Orchid

Airbnb 'details' photo

Interior of white modern loft bedroom

Modern white loft bedroom

Minimal black lounge chair in white minimal loft room

Detail photo

Pool in front of hotel at sunset

Hotel pool

Modern egg-shape bath tub in bathroom

Modern bathroom

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